Bear Care Medical
Event Medical Staffing Specialists

Services offered by Bear Care

  • Bear Care in the House

    As your principal on-site first aid and crisis intervention response, we provide the staff and equipment necessary to accommodate your event, whatever the size may be. Our packages are fully scalable. From provision of a first-aid booth for a one day event for 300, to constructing a staffing matrix for a multi-day gathering of 30,000, we will ensure that whatever your needs, we will meet them.
  • EMS Consulting

    During the planning stages of your event, Bear Care Medical can provide consulting services to help you meet local code requirements for mass gatherings, mitigate liability exposure and manage interactions with local Emergency Services Agencies.
Bear Care provides a fully-stocked first-aid field clinic, giving our staff all necessary tools to attend to your event's on-site medical needs.
  • Bear Care Zen Zone

    Constructed to assist pre-existing on site medical staff, the Bear Care Zen Zone is specifically formulated to address drug or alcohol issues that may come up and help those experiencing them in a safe, calm and judgment free environment. Our providers for this service are all qualified to act in the substance abuse arena as well as monitor patient health in the First Responder or EMS role.
  • Bear Care Training and Education

    Amongst Bear Care's cadre are numerous instructor-rated personnel. Together we can provide training services ranging from layperson CPR and stroke recognition training to Wilderness / Remote Evacuation certifications, such as W-EMT Upgrade. As such we can also bring a broad public health information component to events where we are on duty, an ounce of prevention being better than a pound of cure.
Each Bear Care first-aid station is designed to be highly visible in a prominent location inside your venue, to aid in rapid response to medical emergencies.