Bear Care Medical
Event Medical Staffing Specialists

"... A knowledgeable, professional, and experienced medical team. They gave us a peace of mind ... "

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About Bear Care Medical

  • Because we are aficionados of the events we staff, we understand the unique aspects of your production and perform a valuable, on site service that in many cases prevents unnecessary activation of local EMS or law enforcement and mitigates your liability exposure.
  • We provide immediate, skilled and compassionate care for participants in a friendly and supportive environment.
  • Every one of Bear Care's providers is certified in advanced first aid, EMT or other clinical services at state or national levels. Our staff roster is composed of personnel with experience in many medical professions, including nurses, counselors, medics and EMTs.
  • We are EMS and clinical professionals, we are festival goers. We know what's afoot and we know when things can be kept in house or sent up the chain of care.

Customer testimonials

"Bear Care is perhaps the finest group of event EMS professionals I have dealt with. They are professional but lighthearted enough to deal with any situation that comes their way. They understand the ever-changing environment of today's music festivals and adapt to each situation accordingly. They establish a rapport with festival-goers and create an environment of trust, fostering the ability to deal with situations that would generally go awry if left in the hands of a typical EMS unit. Not only are these the right people for the job, they are also affordable!"

Taco Olmstead, Appalachain Jamwich Magazine
The Mad Tea Party Jam

"The Bear Care staff provided us with more than just a knowledgeable, professional, and experienced medical team. They gave us peace of mind. In addition to quick response times they remained cool headed in the most extreme circumstances. I highly recommend the Bear Care medical team to anyone planning events and festivals. "

Trevor Creany, CEO, The Lot Presents LLC.
Pasture Palooza Music & Arts Festival

"We were truly blessed to have Bear Care work at Camp Barefoot this year. We have worked with other providers in the past, and Bear Care tops them all, for professionalism, super friendly staff, and experience. They worked with local authorities to make our festival the safest and smoothest in our 8 years of existence. The Bear Care staff are top-notch, clear-headed, and take control. Bear Care instills in us such a sense of comfort and trust, which is very valuable to a festival promoter."

Scott McLain, Promoter, Stanlee Ventures LLC
Camp Barefoot Music & Arts Festival

What we do

The Bear Care Zen Zone provides a safe, quiet, calm and judgement-free area for festival attendees to relax and cool down. Our providers are specially trained to counsel and reassure patients experiencing mental or substance-abuse crises.

Our staffers form a unique and essential link in the chain of care for participants at your event. From treating a blister to providing cool-off space in our "Zen Zones" for substance abuse issues, we bring a holistic approach to the provision of medical services in the unique environment of mass gatherings. This includes not only caring for those in need at your event, but actively interfacing with local EMS to prevent unneeded activation of those resources.

Because we are EMS professionals, the unique relationship we have with local providers ensures the speedy and cooperative transfer of a seriously ill or injured person to a higher level facility if the situation warrants.